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Decrease maintenance cost and headaches. Improve your tenants quality.
Gain peace of mind by becoming a Saudi Maintenance Made Simple.
Skip the hassle of finding skilled reliable service for your home.
Saudi Maintenance Made Simple (SMMS) works in the field of Maintenance with head office located in the city of Riyadh in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with fully trained & responsive staff, equipped with most modern state of the art equipment.

Our dedicated team of professionals have all capabilities for the maintenance of your commercial property, residential property, industrial property, real estate property and facility maintenance. Their core responsibility is to provide you with the best property maintenance services at high quality.

The SMMS philosophy is to provide our client’s needs under one roof. Whether our services are for your real estate maintenance work at your business, your residence, or any other commercial building – we provide the best: electric, plumbing, painting, carpentry, flooring, heating and cooling, landscaping, decks & fence work, masonry (Concrete, Brick and Stone), windows & doors, roofing, tile work, remodeling and more.

We offer full property maintenance, real estate maintenance, facility maintenance, renovation services and repair work with high quality.